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  雅思话题part 2里有一个十年如一日百考不厌的topic,那就是describe a movie you watched.也许考官早已听烦了各种经典电影的描述,不如聊点新上映的大片(blockbuster on new release)吧~~比如速度与激情8 " The Fate of the Furious".


  what the movie was

  when did you watch it

  who you watched the movie with

  what the movie talked about

  and explain why you think this movie was so interesting

  除去那些背景介绍(4w)的问题,重点在于电影讲了什么以及你喜欢的原因。ok, 让我们看看细节处都能聊点什么吸引考官的眼球。


  The highlight of this movie is about the endearing cast of Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel, who have been so familiar in the previous series. The co-star Jason Statham was also the eye-catching role in the movie.


  Family is the most important word in it.Both the old cars and Dom's unsteadiness set up a movie that clearly still needs to contend with Mr. Walker's death even as it delivers the goods.All these factors make a great challenge for the whole story. The new movie's title "The Fate of the Furious"seems like the lingering existential crisis created by Mr. Walker's death, as do the tears that fall in the story.


  As ever the story always focuses on the car racing and family, Dom just becomes a "bad guy" in this time to abandon his team . The villain last time, Jason begins to join the team and assists Hobb to deal with the betraying of Dom that create a suspense to arouse people's appetite. Actually I'm not really into the story about it.


  overall, the film seems to lack the punch of some of its predecessors. then again, not every Fast movie has done well with critics, it's never hurt at the box office, which is keeping in a huge hit. Even though we call this time lame in the story, it is still a successful popcorn movie with spectacular scene in every plot, like the cars and hunks make the thrill-seeking effect for the movie.


  Fate of the Furious is one big fan-service buffet that begins with the exotic flavors of Cuba. The action scenes are clearly very expensive, last as long as possible to get their money worth out of the extravagant stunt sequences. Dom's team, goes from the grease-monkey to pistol gripping(各种人群), can't let the sleeping dog die with grimmer subplot.


  This is as good a segue as any to touch on Fate of the Furious to shoot the crazy sequences. The movie makes with bigger, more massive spectacles. driving tanks, skydiving cars, submarine chases and ice-over surface,etc. For instance,Dom and Letty are hanging out in the new Havana, which in this case means chatting in Spanish and English while checking out a vintage car with a boat motor. In New York, cars swan-dive off buildings outfitted with Bond-like gizmo.Zoom, crash, repeat with squealing, burning and flaming tiers--all make the movie in a great image without a yawn for me.


  blockbuster on new release  新上映的大片

  endearing cast  受欢迎的演员阵容

  co-star   联袂主演

  eye-catching role   吸引人眼球的角色

  villain  反派角色

  arouse people's appetite   引起人的兴趣

  lack the punch of some of its predecessors  逊色于前几部

  box office   票房

  lame  逊爆了

  thrill-seeking effect  寻求刺激的效果

  fan-service buffet 给粉丝的福利

  extravagant stunt sequences 华丽的特效场景

  grease-monkey  加油站工人

  pistol gripping  拿枪的人(警察)

  can't let the sleeping dog die 惹是生非 (使故事更有趣味性)

  grimmer subplot  跌宕起伏的情节

  segue (前几部作品的)延续

  spectacles  壮观的场景

  Bond-like gizmo  邦德类似的小东西(007电影模式)

  squealing  震鸣声

  without a yawn for me 不打哈欠(使人激动)


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