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  例:What type of book do you enjoy reading, history, romance or other? Include details and examples to support your response.



  According to Francis Bacon, histories make men wise. (引用)And I firmly believe in this statement. So, sometimes I spend hours reading stories in the history books.

  First, although the events or stories described in those books happened long time ago, they are real stories and can help us to have a general idea of what the society was like during a particular period of time in history. Besides, it is fascinating to know how people of our age live hundreds of years ago. What do they pursue in life? Do we still have something in common? I think some moral values are well inherited by modern people though the society changes quickly. For example, we should respect the elder and cherish the young.

  Second, we may come across some problems in our own life. Sometimes, the problems seem so overwhelming that we cannot handle. Actually, some problems are faced by all people no matter which era of the history we belong to. For example, how should we face the loss of our closest family members? Or how should we face death ourselves? Or what's the meaning of life? If we can read those stories about how our ancestors face these problems, we may have a greater respect to life and hold a more positive attitude towards life.

  Finally, I still like to say that histories do make people wise. Let's read.


  Love is an everlasting topic in our life. That's why I enjoy reading romances.Since the plots in those stories are not real, reading the stories in an unreal world is a good way for us to flee away from the reality and relax ourselves. The unpredictable development of plots in a novel like Pride and Prejudice may make us laugh one moment and cry the next. It's a good way to leave behind our own troubles in life. Some critics even say that sad episodes in a novel can make us reflect on our own life and make us feel happy.

  In addition, since English is a foreign language for me, it is a quite good opportunity to learn the authentic language when I read romances. Usually the learning process starts when I read the story for the second or third time because I'm attracted to the plots when I read it for the first time. If time permits, I would like to underline the beautiful sentences and recite them so that I can learn them by heart.

  Language learning can be painstaking, but learning language by reading a romantic story is an effective approach to making the learning process more interesting.


  例:Talk about a book you read that was important to you for some reason. Explain why the book was important to you. Give specific details and examples to support your answer.


  3 months ago, I read a book called The Five People You Meet in Heaven written by Mitch Albom. It recounts the life and death of a simple yet dignified old man, Eddie. After dying in an accident trying to save a little girl in an amusement park, Eddie finds himself in heaven where he encounters five people who have significantly affected his life. The 5 lessons Eddie learnt about brotherhood, sacrifice, forgiveness, love and purpose of life have also enlightened me. That book changed my attitude towards life and death. It taught me to cherish life more than ever.


  On my book shelf, there is a hard-covered book-Hamlet-that I have been treasured for years.It was given to me as a reward for my progress in Language Arts course by my high school English teacher Mr Cave. In my 10th grade, I developed a special interest in classical literature. I was crazy about Shakespeare's play despite my weak English foundation/the lack of English proficiency. Over the 2 years, I have studied hard and improved my Language Arts' grade from a C to an A. Therefore, my Mr Cave gave me this book in my graduation day and told me to keep my interest in classical literature. This book is very significant to me because it has become the motivation for my pursuit in English Literature in University.



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